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oy17The Stinson OY-1 Sentinel is a two-seat World War II-vintage observation aircraft. Nearly 3,500 were built making it the second most widely used Army Air Corps liaison aircraft. 

The aircraft served in European and Asian theaters and with the Marines in the Pacific. It continued service in the Korean War but was replaced by other aircraft and helicopters in 1955. With short field takeoff and landing capability, the OY-1 performed reconnaissance, artillery spotting and aerial ambulance duties. It delivered supplies, could lay communications wire, rescued Allied personnel in remote areas and even flew missions as a light bomber.

This particular Stinson OY-1 Sentinel was accepted by the U.S. Army in May 1943. It later served with the U.S. Coast Guard for rescue and liaison duties. The aircraft was sold as surplus and passed through several civilian owners before starting its new career with the Commemorative Air Force and the Old Dominion Squadron in 1998.

Span: 34 ft.

Weight: 2,250 lbs. Max.

Cruising Speed: 115 MPH with CP Prop

Length: 24 ft.,1 In.

Engine: Lycoming 0435-C 190 HP

Range: 360 Miles

Height: 8 ft., 11.5 In.

Maximum Speed: 140 MPH Level Flight

Service Ceiling: 15,600 ft.




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