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Assigned to the CAF's Old Dominion Squadron in August 2015, the Fairchild J2K-2 Forwarder is a variant of Fairchild Aircraft Corporation's Model 24. It represents two aircraft, V-162 and V-163, that were assigned to United States Coast Guard Air Station Charleston (South Carolina) in 1936.  
The Model 24, a four-seat, single-engine light transport monoplane, was the development of previous Fairchild models and became both a successful civil and military utility aircraft. With the United States Army Air Corps, it was designated the UC-61. Procured by the British Royal Air Force, it was referred to as the Fairchild Argus. 
In 1936, the US Navy ordered Model 24s designated as GK-1 research and instrument trainers. The type was also used by the US Army as a light transport and the United States Coast Guard with the designation J2K-1. The Civil Air Patrol operated many Fairchild UC-61/24s. Some aircraft were fitted with two 100 pound bombs for what became successful missions against German U-boats off the east coast of the United States in the early stages of World War II.  
Crew: one
Capacity: three passengers
Length: 23 ft 10 in 
Wingspan: 36 ft 4 in 
Height: 7 ft 8 in 
Wing area: 193 sq ft 
Empty weight: 1,813 lb 
Max takeoff weight: 2,882 lb 
Powerplant: 1   Ranger L-440-5 6-cyl. inverted air-cooled in-line piston engine, 200 hp 
Maximum speed: 124 mph
Range: 465 miles
Service ceiling: 12,700 ft 
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