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mikespalding1The Commemorative Air Force's Old Dominion Squadron hangar and aircraft are located at Franklin Municipal Airport (FKN) in Franklin, Va. Squadron membership meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month beginning at 10 a.m. and are open to the public. See the Squadron’s monthly newsletter, Taildragger, for specific dates and places. Those who are interested in the mission and activities of the CAF and the Old Dominion Squadron are cordially invited.
The Old Dominion Squadron's 1942 Ryan PT-22 Recruit primary trainer was purchased by the Commemorative Air Force and assigned to the Squadron in July, 2009. The PT-22 is painted exactly how it looked while training US Army Air Corps pilots during World War II.
The Squadron's 1943 Stinson OY-1/L-5 Sentinel is a light observation and utility aircraft. It returned to the show circuit in early 2012 following a complete ten-year restoration effort conducted by many talented Squadron members.
The Squadron's Glenn L. Martin twin .50 caliber dorsal gun turret was installed on several World War II medium and heavy bombers. It is a big hit with the public at air shows and Squadron events. ODSStaff1-1
The Old Dominion Squadron participates in static and flying air shows in the Mid Atlantic region. If you are interested in having a Squadron aircraft, turret, PX or member aircraft attending your next show or event, please contact the Squadron’s Operations Officer for more information.
The Old Dominion Squadron and Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 339 host a pancake breakfast in the ODS hanger at Franklin Municipal Airport on the fourth Saturday of each month. See the Squadron’s monthly newsletter, Taildragger, for specific dates and information. 
Additionally, the Squadron schedules working parties several times a month at its Franklin Municipal Airport (FKN) hangar. Work includes maintenance on its various aircraft as well as other projects. Like its monthly meetings, visitors are always welcome when open. 
For more information, download the PDF brochure describing the Old Dominion Squadron and its aircraft.
For more information about the Commemorative Air Force and Old Dominion Squadron, download the Squadron's PDF PowerPoint presentation.
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